Driver Assessment: (code 8 or EB only)

Why do your drivers need an assessment?
- Vehicles are expensive to replace;
- These assets costs companies lots to maintain;
- Even with a tracking device you don't know how your driver drives;
- You can download the Driver Assessment Introduction Letter here.

How does the assessment work?
- Book an assessment with us;
- The assessor does a drive along with your driver in your vehicle;
- The assessor discusses the route and motivation behind the assessent;
- The assessor makes notes on the goods and the bads;
- We submit to you an indetail report along with suggestions for the drivers improvements;
- If the driver passes with full colours we issue him with a certificate of competency.

What are the costs involved?

  1 X Assessment   R300.00 per hour x 1 driver   R300.00
  5 X Assessment   R280.00 per hour x 5 drivers   R1400.00
  10 X Assessment   R260.00 per hour x 10 drivers   R2600.00

What do the drivers get assessed for?
- Eye Lead Time
- Left to Right Scanning
- Shoulder Checks
- Following Distance
- Space At Stops
- Path of Least Resistance
- Right of Way
- Acceleration / Deceleration Smoothness
- Braking: Full Stops
- Speed for Conditions
- Lane / Turn Position / Set-up
- Steering: Hand Position, Smoothness
- Signals: Timing and Use
- Seating, Head Rest Position and Mirror Adjustment, Seat Belt Use
- Parking / Backing
- Judgment and Decision-Making
- Timing: Approach, Traffic Interactions
- etc

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